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October 24: Departure

October 25-26: Travel

October 27: Arrival in Bangalore

October 28: Trip to Kurnool

October 29: North with the Gospel

October 30: Preacher Training Classes Begin

October 31: Classes and Gospel Meeting

November 1: Rained Out

November 2: Changed Plans Bring Other Opportunities

November 3: Bittersweet

November 4: Day of Rest
November 5: Seven Baptized into Christ

November 6: God's Pattern

November 7: Bible Authority

November 8: Happy Day!

November 9: Bible Answers Against Liberalism

November 10: Farewell

November 11: Back to Bangalore

November 12: The Saints in Bangalore

November 13: Classes on Liberalism Begin

November 14: Reprove, Rebuke, Exhort

November 15: Full Day of Classes

November 16: No Show

November 17: Last Class

November 18: Relaxation

November 19: Last Lord's Day in Bangalore


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