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October 24, 2007:  LAYOVER IN LONDON

Justin Monts and I have arrived in London, although we haven't seen each other yet. He arrived yesterday and is out today visiting the British Museum to see the biblical manuscripts and other ancient artifacts there. I'm sure that will be a great adventure and one I wish I was sharing with him, but I just arrived at our hotel about 2 hours ago and will try to fight the battle against jetlag a bit!

As we look forward to arriving in Bangalore on Friday, our plan is to change dollars into rupees and make final preparations to leave Saturday for the 8 hour drive to Kurnool. A supper meeting is set with the brethren who helped arrange the student list, as they will be helping to see that all remains in order during the classes.

When we arrive in Bangalore we intend to upload pictures, so be watching for them at

We continue to ask for your prayers for progress of the gospel in India.

Best regards in Christ,

Joe Price


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