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October 28, 2007:  THE LORD'S DAY  

We worshiped with our brethren today and met some of the men who will attend classes this week. Justin Monts preached an excellent lesson from Acts 13 and 14 on "Getting the Gospel Out", and LeRoy Klice preached an encouraging lesson from Exodus 3 and 4 about Moses' Questions and Excuses and God's answers.

We were invited to eat lunch at the home of Joshua's parents. It was a pleasure to see them again along with more of their family. They are always so hospitable to us every time we come to Kurnool.

We were without internet access Saturday and most of Sunday. We spent three hours trying to buy a internet card for our laptops! That was finally accomplished, but it put us behind for the rest of the evening. Brief plans were made for the start of classes tomorrow, and I have spent the rest of my time updating the "diary" and "photos" pages of this site.

Brethren are arriving and all will be in order for classes to begin at 8:30 Monday morning. Thank you for your prayers, and please continue to pray for us all, and especially brother Bobby, that he will have the physical strength and health he needs to accomplish his work here.

In the service of the Savior,

Joe Price



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