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October 29, 2007:  FIRST DAY OF CLASSES  


7:30 AM – Breakfast in Bobby’s room, and everyone registered their passports with the hotel

9:00 AM – Bobby reviewed the following with all the preachers attending the class:


·         Pre-submitted questions by preachers.

·         Liberalism in respect to receiving financial support from liberal churches.

·         Class guidelines and requirements of all attending preachers.

·         Concerning requests of money from the US for preachers, that the US is NOT a pipeline for getting it. That the money for the teaching efforts does not come from Bobby or Joe, but rather from willing US individual faithful brethren and churches.

·         Anyone who is or may receive financial support from anyone in the US should realize that it may be lost at anytime because of certain circumstances. As a result, all the preachers were admonished and encouraged to try and secure part time employment just in case they should loose financial support.

·         The following question was asked of all preachers in attendance: WHY are you here today?

·         Everyone was informed that picture identification tags were going to be given to everyone, that must be worn at all times during the classes, that no one would be admitted without one, and that no one was to invite anyone to the classes.

·         Introductions: Bobby introduced Joe and Joe introduced Leroy, Justin and Dan to everyone.


Joe reviewed the following with all the preachers attending the class:


·         The focus on the local work of the church and bible classes.

·         That the responsibility of the preacher is not only to baptize, but to teach and preach the word, with emphasis to the congregation they preach for.

·         Exhortation to preach sound doctrine, teach and exhort the young as well, which is the work of an Evangelist.

·         That there will be studies on fellowship, so each and everyone understands the importance of it and applying it when needed, regardless of any persecution as a result of it. Especially when it comes to being held hostage for not applying at the expense of possibly loosing financial support. A preacher must serve God first at all costs rather than any man or church.

·         If a preacher is asked to preach for a liberal church, they should seize the opportunity to do so. But when give the opportunity they should preach against any error that is being taught. Otherwise, the opportunity to preach the truth will lost.

·         Various focuses on the work of the local church. That all ages must be taught, and the church should not be considered as a “day care facility”, and that young must be taught as well, especially while they are young. Behavior taught and trained at a young age is more effective than when they get older. Emphasis on self study should be applied and is the responsibility of all not just the preacher.

·         Why Preacher Reports are necessary and required, and that anyone being supported financially has an obligation to provide a report to whom it is. Acts 14:27 was used as one example.


11:15 AM – Tea Break

11:30 AM – Joe preached on “Humility, Envy, Jealousy and Showing Partiality"

12:30 PM to 2:00 PM – Lunch

  3:00 PM – Split up into two different classes, with Joe preaching on “Faithful Gospel Preaching" and Bobby preached An Introduction to the Preaching Classes that also taught on the work of the preacher

  4:00 PM – Tea Break

  4:15 PM to 5:00 PM Classes continued and finished.

Compiled by Dan Torres



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