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October 30, 2007:  CLASSES CONTINUE


Our regular meeting time for breakfast is now 7:00AM in Bobby's room. Our regular fare of dosa (an Indian breakfast dish) and plenty of coffee is delivered there for us, since the restaurant doesn't open until 7:30 - too late for us to go there).


Unfortunately, Justin Monts has caught a virus and is struggling to regain his full health. He stayed at the room today, but by night time he probably felt a bit worse than he did this morning. This is very frustrating to him, since he wants to be actively participating in the classes. We all encouraged him that he needed to rest and get better before returning to the classes to avoid a relapse that could make it even more difficult on him. He has almost lost his voice as a result of his illness. He will stay in again tomorrow and try to be ready to go on Thursday.


Brother Holmes has also been experiencing some health problems and is tiring easily. So, he stayed at the hotel after lunch today and rested. He seemed to be refreshed by this evening. We will continue to watch him carefully and do what we can to see that he paces himself throughout the trip. (At 77 years of age, the simple fact that he has made the trip is amazing!)


The other unfortunate turn of events today was that my projector lamp burned out. We will try to order one tomorrow and hope we can get a replacement within a day or two.


Brother Dan Torres taught a lesson today on Diligence and the Wise Use of Time which was very well received by the brethren. He will teach the same lesson tomorrow to the other class.


Brother LeRoy Klice began teaching How to Study the Bible to his class, which he will conclude tomorrow.


Joe Price taught four lessons today to his class: How to Study the Bible, Sermon Preparation, How to Establish Bible Authority and The Silence of the Scriptures. Tomorrow I plan to begin teaching on the Errors of Liberalism.


Tonight at 7:00 we had a meeting with brother Sudhakar Boni about the bi-monthly magazine he publishes. (He translates articles into the Telugu language that have previously appeared my weekly bulletin, The Spirit's Sword.) We also discussed the need for classes in his area (the city of Kakinada); he has a list of over 50 preachers he has studied with who have left liberalism who need further grounding in the truth. We have the desire to go there, but the expense of such a trip and classes as well as the time that would be needed are currently obstacles to doing so. The Lord willing, one day we will be able to go there to preach, too.


It has been a long day, but we pray it has been fruitful service in the kingdom. Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts as we continue this work.


In Christian love,

Joe Price



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