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October 31, 2007:  BIBLE PATTERNS


This morning began at 6:00AM as it has every morning this week. We had breakfast at 7:00 and were off to the classes at 8:00. Justin Monts was still under the weather today, so he stayed at the hotel. We miss his teaching, but are sure the Lord will bless him with a full and swift recovery. Please continue to pray for him.


Dan Torres taught his lesson on "Diligence and Managing Your Time" this morning. It was excellent and well received by the brethren. Bobby Holmes and LeRoy Klice taught in tandem today, with Bobby teaching a lesson on Bible Patterns. And, Joe Price began a lesson on Answering the Errors of Liberalism. The brethren have been very supportive and grateful for the lessons that are being taught.


I met several men today who have abandoned liberalism for the pure gospel. These men are to be commended and encouraged for their courage to do so, usually at the loss of support from liberal churches.


The lamp went out on my projection yesterday, so Joshua spent some of today trying to find a replacement lamp. One was found in Bangalore, but it would about $850! So, for just a little more, we decided to buy a new projector. I will get a new lamp when I get back home and send it to Joshua so we will have two projectors here for future classes.


This evening we meet with the seven men who helped arrange the students for the classes, and discussed some things related to the work that is being done.


Tomorrow promises to be another full day. Please continue to remember us and the brethren here in your prayers. They are being answered!


Your servant in Christ,

Joe Price



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