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November 2, 2007:  FIRST WEEK COMPLETED


It's hard to believe the first week of classes has come to an end. We have had some bumps in the road, but nothing that prevented a good week of study with 93 students.


Bobby did not go to the class today, but he is feeling much better tonight. Justin is well and was able to go to the classes for the first time since Monday. And, LeRoy is getting adjusted to the all the changes here in India. Of course we are thankful and glad they are regaining their strength and with it their ability to join in the classes that are planned next week.


We are in the process of getting a new projector to replace the one that burned out earlier this week. This will be greatly needed next week.


Today Dan Torres taught a lesson to both classes on being good stewards of our money. It was very good and beneficial to the brethren. After Dan's lesson, I fielded Bible questions for the next hour (until lunch break). After lunch we gathered for a class picture, then made individual pictures of each man in attendance. Each man was given two lesson books (Bobby's lessons and Joe's lessons) and six Bibles. They were all very thankful to have the material.


We had one blind man in the class, one man who only has one arm, and another man who walks with a crutch on one leg. This man preaches at three congregations! All of these men are great examples of diligent faith in spite of the trials of life. May the Lord bless them for their faith.


Tomorrow (Saturday) will be a day for us to relax and prepare for next week's class.


Thank you for your interest in this gospel work, and for your thoughts and prayers. We greatly appreciate it!


God bless and keep each one.



Joe Price



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