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November 3, 2007:  SATURDAY IN KURNOOL


Today was a day of rest, and we all needed it. We spent our time catching up on miscellaneous jobs we needed to do, and we did a little shopping late this afternoon.


Brother Balyswamy arrived from Bangalore (he rode a bus all night) with the new projector. He is such a dependable worker and faithful brother who sets a worthy example to all who know him.


We met brother Joshua's niece today. In the Indian culture, he calls her his "daughter" and she calls him a Telugu word that means, "small father." This is one of the many indicators of the closeness of the family unit here in India.


Bobby is feeling better each day, but this day of rest will be good for him. He is planning to cut back some next week and I'm sure this will increase his stamina.


Joshua has talked me into going walking with him tomorrow at 6:30 for an hour. He walks regularly, and, I need to get some exercise!


Dan, Justin and LeRoy are great companions in this work. They have already added to its success, and I know they will continue to do so.


I've added some extra photos to this site, so please take a look at the Photo page.


Thank you for all your prayers and interest in this gospel work.


In Christian love,

Joe Price



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