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6:30 – 7:30 AM  Breakfast in Bobby’s room. Bobby still has some chest congestion and continuing to take antibiotics. He is getting better and will be returning back to the hotel after lunch to get as much rest as possible. Justin is back to normal health.

9:15 –11:00  Bobby explained to the student the guidelines for attending the classes and daily agenda. To use hand wash when returning to classes to prevent sickness amongst everyone.

Elisha, his son Samson, Mahesh stood in front of everyone to confess there sin to all in attendance for him and his son accepting financial support from the liberals, him and others from the US.

Bobby explained to all the students the details of Jacob Chukka who has been confronted of accepting financial support from liberal churches, unwilling to repent of it, after original bible studies with Bobby and Stan Cox and further studies with Bobby and Joe. He has now started a wide and great campaign of opposition in India and the US against Bobby, Joe and supporters that accompany them to preach in India. Jacob Chukka is a very wealthy person in Bangalore and is deceiving many who support him from the US that his work is a faithful one.

Bobby continued to emphasis and enforce that preaching is not for financial gain as liberalism has taught, established, and continues to do so in India. That if they want to preach and lack financial support, that they should do whatever is necessary to do so, including getting a job if necessary. All the preachers were informed that effective the first of the year, that all preacher support will be a standard of amount of $75. However, depending on circumstances and consideration, some preachers may require more support than others. NO partiality was emphasized.

Bobby “tearfully” informed everyone that he would not be back next year, or possibly never. But if he could, it would only be for a few days.
Joe introduced Le Roy, Justin and Dan to the class.

11:00 –11:15  Tea Break.

11:15 –12:30  Joe explained guidelines for the projector as not to shutdown the projector and let us shutdown it down to prevent burning the projector lamp. He also spoke on what motivates a man to be a preacher? A preacher should not be a “hireling”, but rather motivated to preach the gospel by a love for the lost and a love for truth (1Cor 9:16, 1Thess 2:4-5)

Joe addressed the following questions:
  1. Can fellowship continue with liberal churches once the truth has been revealed to them? 1Tim 4:1, 2Jn 9,
  2. Do you have a responsibility to preach to a liberal church if given the opportunity? Yes, but the preaching should be done on their error.
  3. Are schools of preaching right or wrong according to scripture Acts 11:22-23; Look at the school of Tyrannus Act 19:8-10;
  4. Regarding Preacher Reports. When writing them, explain in more detail what you did everyone can understand what you are trying to communicate.
  5. That we must have humility and avoid pride and jealousy.

12:30 – 2:00  Lunch

2:00 – 5:00  Joe preached on Fellowship and Dan on Time Management and Diligence.

Prepared by Dan Torres



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