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Today began as each day does, with breakfast at 7:00AM in Bobby's room. We are able to talk about the work ahead for the day and relax a bit before leaving for classes.


Bobby taught a lesson on Fellowship to his class, and Dan taught his lesson on Time Management and Diligence to the upstairs class. After lunch, Dan taught his lesson on Stewardship in the downstairs class and Justin began teaching 2 Timothy upstairs.


Joe used most of the day to write a reply to an open letter that a liberal preacher in Bangalore (Jacob Chukka) has sent out across India, accusing us of many sins and errors. When our reply is complete I will post his open letter and our reply on this web site. His open letter is a blatant attempt to keep the pure gospel from spreading throughout India. The opponents of truth are resorting to lies, distortions and misrepresentations to poison the minds of brethren against the truth. We will endure, and all who are faithful to the Lord here in India will, too. The battle for truth against error is engaged; we cannot and will not lay down the sword of the Spirit in the face of this intimidation.


We have two additional meetings scheduled tonight, to encourage brethren who are faithfully doing the Lord's work here.


Last night we met with Vinod Rao, a preacher in Hyderabad. He attended our classes last year in Bangalore, and told us he agreed with and accepted the truth about liberalism. But one year later, we have learned that he continues to have fellowship with liberals and has not taken any public stand against the errors of liberalism in churches of Christ. We urged him to repent and to teach the whole counsel of God, to teach God's word to the brethren in Hyderabad, and to make the sacrifice that comes with following the truth. We made it clear that we will not have fellowship with him in liberalism. Time will tell if he will repent and repudiate liberalism, or continue to limp between two sides.


Thank you for your prayers for us, for the faithful brethren here, and for the progress of the gospel. The Lord will bless his word and it will accomplish his purposes!


With brotherly love,

Joe Price



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