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November 7, 2007: WEDNESDAY CLASSES


We are half-way through our second week of classes here in Kurnool. These are the Advanced Classes for men who attended last year's classes. This will be their last year, as we are on a two-year rotation.


Dan Torres presented his lesson on Stewardship, with special emphasis on proper attitudes toward money. Following that, Justin Monts answered some questions that were lingering from yesterday's session.


Meanwhile, LeRoy Klice taught a lesson on "Buy the Truth." While these classes were taking place, Joe Price worked on a presentation replying to the open letter that has been circulated in South India accusing us of deception, hypocrisy and error. When that material is complete it will be posted on this website.


After lunch, Bobby Holmes taught a lesson on Boldness, and Joe Price taught a lesson on The Silence of the Scriptures. There were several questions near the end of this lesson, and some we did not have time to answer. So, tomorrow will begin with those questions. (Questions about the use of the church building and is the church building holy.)


Today was Dan Torres' last day with us. He will be leaving at 4:00AM in the morning for Bangalore, and will fly out of Bangalore Friday at noon. It has been a great help and blessing to have Dan working with us on this trip, and he plans to continue coming on future trips as they are planned. I know he will be glad to get home, but India and the brethren here have made a deep impression on him, and he is excited about continuing to come back in the future.


Since this was Dan's last day, we spent the end of the day taking a group picture, individual pictures, and passing out the class folders and Telugu Bibles. We are so thankful for those who helped provide Bibles for these brethren. They were very thankful and happy to have all these materials to help them in their preaching work.


Brother Joshua will be taking Dan to Bangalore, so brother Balyswamy will help us while he is gone. He is a dedicated, humble and extremely reliable Christian who lives in Bangalore. He is a blessed help to us every day he is with us.


Justin and LeRoy have just about had all the Indian food at breakfast they can take. So, they have decided to eat their own food instead. As for me, I haven't grown tired of it yet!


Please remember brother Torres in your prayers as he travels home. Thank you for every prayer for us, for the brethren here, and for the progress of the gospel.


In Christian love,

Joe Price



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