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November 8, 2007: GOOD BIBLE STUDIES


We had a very good day of Bible classes. The brethren were attentive and eager to study; they had good questions that added to the studies, and we are looking forward to one more day of study together.


Brother Joshua took brother Torres back to Bangalore early this morning (they left at 3:30AM) and arrived safely about 7 hours later. They will rest today, and Dan will be taking off Friday around noon. Joshua will then return to Kurnool to help us prepare to leave the next morning (Saturday) for Bangalore.


Brother Holmes and Price taught lessons on the second coming of Christ. Joe also taught a lesson on Boldness and began the day with Bible questions about the work of the church and the use of the church building. We pointed out that the building is not holy in any mystical way, but, it must only be used to help obey the commandments God has given the local church, which are to preach and teach the gospel, to worship and edify the saints in truth, and if necessary, to care for needy saints. To use the church building that is purchased and maintained by the Lord's money for social events and recreational activities has no Bible authority (Col. 3:17). Therefore, we must not engage in such liberal activities.


Brother Justin Monts continued his study of 2 Timothy, and will conclude that tomorrow if he is feeling well enough to teach. He continues to have a lingering virus that is causing a good deal of coughing. I've loaded him up with cough drops, fruit, jello and 7-Up for the night.


Bobby and I have a meeting with two of the brethren tonight at 7:00PM, then at 8:00PM we will have dinner with the brethren who helped arrange the students to attend the classes. They have worked hard before and during the two weeks here, and we appreciate their help.


The day ended with taking photos and looking at the photos brethren have brought with them to show us about their work. We rejoice with them in the work they are doing. We have been charged with being directors of work here in India; nothing could be farther from the truth. These men have gone out and stood fast for the faith, losing support when they refused to continue in fellowship with liberal churches of Christ. They are to be commended and encouraged, and we hope we have been able to do that.


The Lord has blessed our work, and we are thankful to him above all. Tomorrow will be our last day here, and it will be hard to say good-bye to these good men. They will not return next year, since this is their second year in attendance.


Your prayers have helped us greatly! Thank you so much for your loving care and interest in this gospel effort.


In Christian love,

Joe Price



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