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November 9, 2007: FINAL DAY IN KURNOOL


It is always sad to leave those we love, and so in that sense, today had its share of sadness. But, it was a joyous day because brotherly love was confirmed and expressed, and because souls have been strengthened in the truth of the gospel during the classes here. In this we rejoice and thank God for this great opportunity.


Unfortunately, Justin has developed a hacking cough that keep him inside today. He feels very bad that he was not able to teach more lessons, but we are glad he came with us, and the brethren in the classes greatly appreciated the lessons he did teach.


Bobby and Joe spent the first 45 minutes today answering Bible questions in their respective classes. Then, we brought all the students together for Joe's presentation, "An Open Response to Jacob Chukka's Open Letter." I have posted his open letter along with our reply on this web site. (Anyone wishing to obtain the Power Point charts may contact me at the e-mail link below.)


Mr. Chukka preaches in a liberal church in Bangalore. He is deeply involved in the errors of liberalism. (Last year, Bobby Holmes and Joe Price marked him publicly for his false doctrines, and warned brethren to not have fellowship with him, Rom. 16:17).


His open letter accuses us of deceptive motives and using false pretenses when we came to India to preach. He accuses us of stealing churches, buildings and property. He accuses us of offering men money to leave liberalism and join with us. He accuses faithful Indian preachers who have rejected liberalism of falsehood, hypocrisy and deceit. All of these false charges are fully answered in our reply. We are ready to meet him privately or publicly on all these matters.


We spent the last hour of our classes answering Bible questions. There are always more questions than there is time to answer them, and our time flew past much too quickly.


At the end of class, the brethren honored each of us with gifts in accordance with their customs. Flowers were given to all, and a shawl was given to Bobby to thank him for all the work he has done to spread the gospel in India.


Photos were taken along with prayers and best wishes being offered as time came to say good-bye. These are good men who want to learn more and to "hold fast the pattern of sound words." May the Lord bless them in their work as they continue to preach the word, in season and out of season.


We leave for Bangalore tomorrow as 6:00AM. There is still packing to do and work to be done to get all this information on the web site.


Please pray for us as we travel and for the gospel meeting that begins Sunday in Bangalore.


God bless and keep you,

Joe Price



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