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November 10, 2007: BACK TO BANGALORE


We were up at 5:00AM this morning, coffee at 5:30 and on the road shortly after 6:00 for the 8 hour trip to Bangalore. It is a holiday weekend here in India (Dawali, a major Hindu festival) was Thursday and Friday, but the celebration continues today. As I write this at 7:15PM Saturday night I hear fireworks exploding in the distance (and some very close!).


The trip back to Bangalore was uneventful. We ate breakfast with Joshua's brother and his family (they live in a city on the way). I took several pictures of statues and temples of Hindu gods on the way back to Bangalore - be sure to check them out in today's photos. We arrived about 2:30PM, ate a late lunch, bought some groceries and headed back to the room. Justin is preparing his sermon for tomorrow morning (I think he will be preaching about heaven).


Our gospel meeting in Bangalore is now set for Tuesday-Thursday at three different locations. The brethren cannot travel long distances in the city due to the cost of transportation, so we will have worship services in three different places to help as many as possible attend.


You may wonder why there are so many pictures of us eating. Well, meals are a time we can "wind down" and relax together. It is one of the experiences we will never forget about India.


Dan Torres arrived in America and is now on his way to Seattle. We are thankful he is having a safe trip and appreciate all the work he did here for the sake of the gospel.


Thanks for reading these daily reports! May the Lord bless you all as you walk in truth, and thank you for your continual prayers for the gospel and for each of us.


God bless and keep you all in His care,

Joe Price



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