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November 11, 2007: BANGALORE WORSHIP


Justin was planning to preach this morning at the worship assembly of the saints, but he woke up feeling worse. He is taking an antibiotic and we continue to pray he will improve. His energy level is down, but he is eating and resting. He will decide tomorrow whether to see a doctor that Joshua recommends. Please keep him in your prayers.


It was wonderful to be with the saints again here in Bangalore. They are small, but a devoted groups of Christians. Brother Balyswamy along with Joshua are working hard to establish and increase the congregation.


I preached a lesson on Christian living in view of the second coming of Christ (2 Pet. 3:10-13). The lesson was well received by the brethren.


One of the families we met in the congregation have a small boy about five years old whose left eye had to be removed due to disease (see their photo in today's pictures). He is currently undergoing treatment to try to prevent its spread to his other eye. Like many in India, they are very poor and this will be a great burden on them. Please pray for him and his family.


You might wonder why there's a picture of a bicycle in the photos. This is one of the bikes that the liberals in Bangalore were passing out to men they wanted to have preach for them. Balyswamy went to this bicycle give away and they gave him one, too! He is keeping it as evidence that the liberals do offered bikes to men to preach.


The gospel meeting will be nightly from Tuesday-Friday, and our aim particularly is to strengthen the saints. 


We all continue to be grateful for your prayers and interest in this work.

In Christian love,

Joe Price



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