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November 12, 2007: HOSPITAL VISIT


Brother Justin is feeling much better after his trip to the hospital. What an experience! It's not like going to the local doctor's office to get checked out. Justin's first stop was the emergency room to be checked by a doctor, who said he probably had an upper respiratory infection (as we had suspected). They did an EKG on him, wrote him a prescription and ordered a series of tests. Then we had to go to the cashier and pay for all these services. Then to the lab to draw blood and take other samples, then to the X-ray room. In the meantime, Joshua and I went outside and downstairs to the walk-up pharmacy window to fill his prescription. Now, he has to wait until Friday morning to return to see a doctor for the test results. All of this took about two hours and cost a whopping $25.


Today was a day off, so we rested some, changed some currency and then went shopping with Joshua and his family. We ate at KFC tonight, which especially thrilled LeRoy, Justin and Bobby (he loves fried chicken).


Tomorrow will begin the gospel meeting, with Bobby preaching the opening night. LeRoy, Joe and Justin will follow, with Bobby closing out the meeting on the Lord's day. We expect our driver, Prasad, to attend the meeting. He is a Hindu, but has shown a willingness to talk about the gospel. (He attended worship services the last Sunday we were in Kurnool.) Please pray for Prasad and for this gospel effort.


While we are ready to come home, we still have work before us and we are looking forward to it. We are so thankful to all who have helped make this trip possible, and ask for your continued prayers.

In Christian love,

Joe Price



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