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November 14, 2007: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOSHUA!


Today is brother Joshua's 37th birthday, and we all went out for a couple of hours and did a small bit of shopping, stopped in a bookstore and visited a local coffee shop.


Bobby has been talking with our driver, Prasad, about the gospel. Tonight we had a good discussion with him before leaving for the gospel meeting, and again on the way back to the hotel. He also attended the meeting, and plans to do so the rest of the week. He has an open heart and has promised to read the Bible every day, beginning with Luke.


Brother Klice preached a good lesson tonight on Isaiah 53 and its fulfillment in Jesus Christ. We had a number of visitors, and the room we met in was full.


Tomorrow we plan to visit a Hindu temple near Bangalore, so I will post those pictures tomorrow.


We are so thankful to the Lord for this opportunity to preach His word, and for your prayers for the spread of the gospel.


In Christian love,

Joe Price




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