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November 16, 2007: LAST DAY OF MEETING


This trip has gone by very fast. The two weeks of preacher training classes in Kurnool flew by, and this third week in Bangalore has been no different.


Joshua, his wife Aruna and his son Abishek picked us up about 10:00AM to finish some shopping that had to be done. We ate at KFC (again), and got back to our room about 4:00PM.


Did I tell you my hot water heater went out yesterday? (Each bathroom has its own electric heater, and the element went out in mine.) Well, today they replaced it with a used one; I'm sure they took it out of another room and put it in mine! Anyway, I now have hot water again.


The meeting was well attended again tonight, with a number of visitors present, including a denominational family. Brother Justin taught an excellent lesson on How Beautiful Heaven Must Be from Revelation 21:1-8. We were all edified to remember the great things God has prepared for His people, and encouraged to remain faithful every day of our lives.


Brother Holmes will be preaching on Sunday to close out our time in Bangalore. Everyone is looking forward to hearing the lesson he has prepared.


Yes, this trip has flown by. I'm reminded that life is just a vapor (Jas. 4:14). As this trip draws to a close, another is already being discussed and preliminary plans are being made. Brother Holmes will not be returning next year, and he does not know whether he will ever be able to make another trip to India. We hope he can, but if he cannot, the work he has done in securing a foothold for the pure gospel in south India will remain here. And, we will continue where he leaves off to strengthen the souls of the disciples and warn the lost and erring of their danger. Thank you, brother Bobby, for all the faithful work you have done here in India, and God bless you for it. And, God bless your wife, Jo Ann, for her love and support in this, Bobby's 56th year of preaching the gospel.


Justin and I will leave early Monday morning, with Bobby and Le Roy set to leave shortly after midnight on Tuesday. We solicit your prayers as we prepare to return home. And, please continue to remember our brethren in India as they face great challenges and tests of their personal faith.


In Christian love,

Joe Price



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