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November 18, 2007: GOOD-BYE


Our final day together in Bangalore was full of happy memories of being with our beloved brethren here, of worshiping and working along with them in the Lord's cause, and of the bonds of brotherhood that pass from this life into eternity.


Brother Bobby Holmes preached a powerful gospel lesson on "Almost Persuaded...But Lost" in which he appealed to all of us to understand that delay in obeying the gospel of Christ is one of the devices of Satan. By looking at OT and NT examples of those who hesitated and as a result, failed to have God's blessings, he exhorted the lost to know that "now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation (2 Cor. 6:2).


We enjoyed lunch together, and we took many photos of each other. The blessing of memory is a wonderful thing when we can call to mind the love of brethren in Christ and the common faith we share. The brethren in Bangalore are near to our hearts, and we will greatly miss them.


Brother Holmes told the brethren that he would not be coming back next year, and did not know if would ever come back to India. Many tears were shed; the love between brother Holmes and brethren here is mutual and it is deep.


We returned to Joshua and Aruna's house this afternoon for coffee and to take more pictures. Then, we with to brother Balyswamy's home, where his wife Sunita had prepared supper for us. This family is some kind and humble. Their three sons are fine young boys, and you can see the godly training they are receiving from their parents. Balyswamy is a faithful and diligent worker in the kingdom, and cause of Christ is blessed to have such a good man preaching the gospel in Bangalore.


It is now almost 11:00PM, and time to close this year's edition of The Daily Diary. Brother Justin Monts and I must leave the hotel at 4:00AM for the airport; our departure is set for 7:30AM. We will fly eleven hours to London, then Justin will go to Chicago and Nashville, where his brother Steve will pick him up and take him home. I will continue from London to Seattle where I'm scheduled to land at 7:05PM Monday night. My son, Jeremy, will pick me up and we will make the 2 hour drive home to Ferndale, WA.


We cannot adequately express our love and appreciation to all the brethren who have helped make this work possible. Your prayers and your fellowship in this work has helped to strengthen souls and bring some out of liberalism which so pervasive among churches of Christ here in India.


My personal thanks to Dan Torres, Justin Monts and LeRoy Klice for their faithful work and steadfast service the to success of this work. And especially, my thanks to Bobby Holmes, who saw a door opened by the Lord for the gospel in India, and has been relentlessly working to spread the truth of the gospel here ever since. At this moment in his life, the spirit is indeed willing, yet his flesh is weak and unable to keep up with the demands of such a trip and its work. He will not return next year, but he will continue to be very involved in this work, using e-mail to answer questions from brethren and always encouraging them to stand strong in the faith and resist the opponents of sound doctrine, both inside and outside of the church. Thank you, Bobby, for asking me to come and work with you here in 2006, and again this year. It has been my privilege to work side by side with you in this effort. May the Lord bless you and your good wife Jo Ann with many more years of service in His kingdom, and finally take you home to glory.


In Christian love,

Joe Price



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