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 Greetings to each of you...

My name is Bobby Holmes and I live in a city by name of Duncanville Texas just in the edge of the large city of Dallas. I am 76 years old, have been married to my wife Jo Ann for 56 years and we have two children. Ron our son does some preaching and plans on doing more when he can arrange the time from work. We also have one daughter, Diane, who worships with us where I am working as a member with the Northside church in Mansfield Texas. We also have two grand daughters and six great grand children. I have been preaching for 54 years as of last February. This is my third year to come to India and I have fallen in love with the people and enjoy so much the open minds and love for the Truth of God I have seen.
My desire is to continue to come to India perhaps two times a year for training classes with the preachers and to preach to non-Christians in the evening and at other times as given opportunity. My ONLY desire is to "Preach The Word" and do all I can to bring people BACK to the Bible and the Pattern God has for His people to do His work in evangelism, benevolence and edification. Back to the Pattern of the local church arrangement with elders overseeing the flock of God with an understanding that their oversight BEGINS and ENDS with that local church where they serve. When this is done, there will be no more of the "Sponsoring church" arrangements that oversee and control other churches and work. May the Lord bless us ALL this year in our classes and studies. It is indeed my PLEASURE to be with you again. See old faces and new ones as well. 
Bobby R. Holmes