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       Hello and best wishes to you...

My name is Dan Torres and this is my second trip to India, but my first time for assisting in spreading the Gospel. I am grateful for the opportunity to go to India for this purpose and meeting those who I have communicated with by email, and to meet their families. I know that I will be enriched in many ways working with those who have such a thirst for the Gospel and preaching it.

I live in Bellingham, Washington in the US which is approximately 100 miles north of Seattle, Washington. My wife Shirley and I have been married for 40 years this year. I am grateful for her, the wife she is, the support in all I do, and especially in support of the Gospel. I am 61 years old and semi-retired. I have my own consulting. Most of my consulting is associated with the Petroleum Refining Industry.

I am looking forward to being with Bobby Holmes who I have known for sometime, Joe Price who I have known for approximately 12 years, Justin Monts who I have known for a number of years and is now a full time Preacher. Leroy Klice whom I have not met, but have heard good things about him. I am especially grateful for the Bobby and Joe, for the sound preachers and examples that they are and have been. Never wavering preaching the truth regardless of persecution, and they have been. I appreciate Justin also becoming a full time preacher and love for the truth, and Leroy working towards becoming one. I look forward to working with the both of them on this trip.

Please keep us in your prayers and thoughts, and may God bless you all.

Your brother and Soldier in Christ,

Dan Torres