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From: Jacob Chukka <>
Date: Oct 24, 2007 10:26 PM
Subject: American team bringing division in well estalished churches in India.
To: Joshua Mahendranath <>

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Mr. Joshua Mahendranath and the team from America (Bobby Homes)


American team bringing divisions in well established churches in India.


Greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.


We are working in India for the last 32 years to plant the Lord's churches in many corners of our country with the help and support of ministers sponsors from Churches of Christ at USA. Some of the congregations in India are self supported.


In the recent past years, your team from America have come to India and took shelter under us to proclaim the gospel with the good spirit and in the interest of Lord's work. We have introduced and allowed the pulpit in the congregations.


Later we came to know that they are preaching that-


So we have disassociated and discouraged your team. Taking advantage of our introduction and hospitality with the congregation, they have taken liberty and attracted some preachers with more money than what they are getting, In some other congregation, where there is no support to the preachers, they attracted with support. They not only named us As liberals, but also showed us as notorious wherever they went to gain people's sympathy, kindness and moral support and corrupted the clean hearts. With this motive they grabbed not only preachers whom we have trained, but also converts, church buildings and properties. If once they have attracted the preachers, they never visit those congregations again, but invite the preachers to submit the reports at the meetings which they conducted in hotels. In the absence of your team in India, these preachers would sit before the computers and send false and fabricated reports to their sponsors, as if the conservative Christian teachings are effective and developed in the congregations. But it is true that the congregations who fell prey to your team, still preaching and teaching and practicing what was taught earlier. Some preachers who are taking support from your team and still continue to taking support from those who were supporting earlier. In this way the team is making the preachers to misappropriate the Lord's money and promote committing sin. If you visit these congregations without prior intimation, you will see the true colors. The preachers whom you are supporting are the people of our converts trained by us and now they are posing and boasting that it is their labor (please refer the scripture 2 Cor 10: 12-18)


It is our challenge, if half of the amount of your support is curtailed half of the preachers whom you are supporting will disappear from you. If the full support is stopped none of them will stay with your team.


It is our sincere advice to the team to go to perishing souls in India and not to the congregations which are already established to bring division and confusion among the churches. Let your supporting so called   preachers, start a new congregations, and prove their  capacity  that they are knowledgeable preachers. Showing  and entering our labor  to you and boasting and posing, is nothing but unscriptural, you are encouraging such kind of cults and part taking their sin. When you are calling us liberals,  Why you need our converts  and our property ?. Are you not  ashamed of this?  Let your supported preachers get out from our labor, and of our property.  This is nothing but stealing and robbing , and grabbing. Two Congregations understood   the colors  and drove their preachers out.  You are buying so called preachers with American dollars.


Beloved team, this is not mine or your money but the Lord's money which is being misused by you to the notorious liars and cheaters. These notorious liars and cheaters are not only cheating us, but also cheating you and American brethren and God. One day we are all accountable to the Lord at His judgment seat. (2 Cor 5:10) .


We are praying for your repentance.


With love


Jacob Chukka




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