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 Howdy y'all,

My name is LeRoy Klice.  I am 33 years old & obeyed the Gospel of Christ 10 years ago.  Teaching Bible class is a great enjoyment of mine.  Most classes are w/middle school aged students.  It is a wonderful thing to see these young men & women studying God's Word & doing His will!  Also, any time a preaching opportunity is available in the Lord's Church, it is always accepted.  It is my desire to preach in a full-time basis soon by working w/a local congregation of God's people & doing "the work of an evangelist" 2 Tim. 4:5.

I currently live in Arlington, Texas (between Dallas & Fort Worth) & have been a member of Northside church of Christ in Mansfield for the past 5 years.  My lovely wife of 3 wonderful years is named Natalie.  We had our 1st child 6 months ago!!!  Her name is Avery Lyn. 

The work in India is truly an amazing effort!!  I have been following it through Bobby Holmes it since its evolution when Marvin Dotson worked w/Joshua & many others in Kuwait before the current war in Iraq.  Never did I ever think that I would be fortunate enough to teach in India.  But, with the help of many faithful Brethren & local congregations, it has become a reality. Words cannot adequately express my great appreciation to each of these people who have made this possible.

I am looking forward to working w/each of our brethren in India in person as well as studying with possible future Brothers & Sisters in Christ converts there.  Brother Holmes preached for the Northside congregation for many years so I am well acquainted with him.  Joe Price has preached lots of Gospel meetings in Texas over the years & I have been fortunate enough to hear him preach God's word faithfully including reading his writings on the internet.  I have heard many good things about Justin Monts & Dan Torres from Brethren in the area.  I look forward to working with each of them & letting God give "the increase" 1 Cor. 3:6.