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Scripture Reading: Luke 16:19-24

What a Sinner Learned after Death


1.  The only time some will think of death is at a funeral, Eccl 7:1-2 (Isa 5:11-12).

2.  God wants you to think about your death! Psa 90:10-12; 39:4-6

3.  Lk 16:19-31: A sinner learned many lessons after his death that we ought learn while we are alive and anticipate our own death..


I.  HE LEARNED THAT EARTHLY WEALTH IS NOTHING (you can’t take it with you!). Lk 16:19-22 (Eccl 5:15)

  A.  We must not Trust in Riches, cf. 16:14.

    1.  No satisfaction of the soul, Eccl 5:10-12 (4:8); Matt 16:26.

    2.  No benefit from hoarding wealth, Eccl 5:13.

    3.  No assurance of a legacy of money, Eccl 2:21.

  B.  Riches of the Righteous.

    1.  Worldly view wealth as a reason for indulgent living; Lk 12:15-19.

    2.  Righteous are motivated by their blessings to do good with possessions, Lk 12:20-21; 16:20-21; 1 Tim 6:17-19; Psa 49:16-20.


II.  HE LEARNED THAT PUNISHMENT FOR SIN IS REAL, PAINFUL AND  ETERNAL, Lk 16:23-25. (“I am in agony in this flame!”)

  A.  Hell is Hot and it Hurts! Mk 9:43-48

    1.  God is willing and will punish sinners after death, Rom 2:5, 8-9 (2 Ths 1:8-9).

    2.  God desires our salvation as long as we live, 1 Tim 2:3-4.

  B.  The Punishment cannot be Eased and it is Unending, Lk 16:24.

    1.  It is as unending as the rest of the saints, Rev 14:10-13.

    2.  The torment of the wicked is forever and ever, Rev 20:10, 15.


III.  HE LEARNED THAT DEATH IS PERMANENT (“You will never pass this way again”!). Eccl 9:3-6

  A.  Death Permanently Ends Material Existence, Lk 16:27, 30.

    1.  All doctrines of reincarnation, future lives on earth, etc. – false.

    2.  Resurrection of dead is not in order to live on earth, 1 Cor 15:50.

  B.  Death Permanently brings Rest/Punishment, Lk 16:24-26; Rev 14:13.

    1.  While this describes events before the Day of Judgment, it foreshadows the eternal reward and punishment, Heb 9:27.

    2.  Unimaginable sorrow and suffering, or indescribable rest and peace! Matt 13:49-50; Rom 2:7-10 (Phil 1:23)


IV. HE LEARNED THAT MISERY DOES NOT LOVE COMPANY! (Where have all the good times gone?) Lk 16:27-28

  A.  Sinners Entice the Weak and Naïve to join them in Sin, Prov 1:10-19.

    1.  They don’t hang around when trouble comes – they leave you holding the bag! Prov 18:24; 27:6

       a.  The young boy who says before marriage: “if you love me you’ll make love with me”!

       b.  The drug dealer who offers you a joint, a pill, a line: “the first one’s on me!”

       c.  The drinker who says, “Have a drink, just one”! Prov 23:31-32

       d.  The immoral woman who entices the foolish, Prov 7:7, 21-27.

    2.  Endure temptations and resist the devil! Jas 1:12; 4:7


V. HE LEARNED THAT THE INSPIRED WORD OF GOD (BIBLE) IS SUFFICIENT (Do not refuse Him who speaks!) Lk 16:27-31

  A.  It is Enough to Convict and Convert Sinners, Jno 16:8; 2 Tim 3:16.

    1.  Godly sorrow and repentance:

       a.  cf. King Josiah, 2 Chrn 34:14-21, 27-28.

       b.  cf. Bereans, Acts 17:11-12.

  B.  It is Enough to Complete Us in Christ, 2 Tim 3:17.

    1.  Without using creeds, confessions or catechisms.

    2.  By using the powerful word of God, Col 1:28.

    3.  Hear Him!



1.  We must learn these lessons now and obey God before we die in sin!

2.  Judgment awaits; will we have rest or regret when we die?!



(Major points from sermon by Justin Monts)