Topical Sermons                                                                                                             Power Point Show

Scripture Reading:  Romans 3:21-26


1.  Sometimes people say God is unfair by condemning those who have never heard about Jesus Christ; Worldly thinking, Rom. 3:5.

2.  God puts all under command to repent & will judge the world, Acts 17:30-31.

3.  Is God to be blamed when sinners are lost?  No. Jno. 3:16-17



  A.  Sinners are Lost Due to Their Own Sin.

    1.  All people everywhere are sinners, Rom. 3:23, 9.

    2.  Therefore, all people everywhere are lost in sin.

  B.  All People are Under Law to God, Rom. 4:15.

    1.  If not, then they are not sinners; but, all have sinned.

    2.  Therefore, all are under law to God (1 Jno. 3:4).

  C.  The Existence of Sin in the World, Rom. 5:12-14.

    1.  Death spread to all because all sinned, 5:12.

    2.  Sin imputed to all, because all were (are) under divine law, 5:13 (2:12-13; cf. Gen. 6:5).

      a.  Gentile world heaped in sin, Rom. 1:18-23 (without excuse).

      b.  Jewish world heaped in sin, Rom. 2:1, 12 (no escape).

      c.  All sinners spiritually dead (separated from God), Gen. 2:17; Col. 1:21.

    3.  Death reigned from Adam to Moses, Rom. 5:14.

    4.  Now, all are under law to Christ (Matt. 28:18; 1 Cor. 9:21).

  D.  When We Reach Moral Capacity toward God & Man, We are Responsible for Our Own Sin before God, Rom. 7:7-12.

    1.  Law is not at fault, 7:7 (Jas. 1:13).

    2.  Law identifies sin, 7:7 (Rom. 3:20).

    3.  Law cannot save sinners, Rom. 3:19-20.

    4.  Salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ, not through the deeds of the law, Rom. 3:21-26, 27-28.

  E.   God Will Judge the World, Acts 17:31; Rom. 2:16.

    1.  A righteous judgment, acc. to truth, is coming (17:31); Rom. 2:2, 4.

    2.  God is not unjust to inflict wrath against sinners, Rom. 3:3-6.

    3.  God has provided & revealed salvation for all sinners.

    4.  God is not to be blamed for loving sinners & providing a way of escape!  Rom. 5:6-11



  We do not have to remain in sin & death, Acts 17:27, 30-31