Regarding Luke 13:33......

> Can you give me information on old testiment prophets, and where they
> I asked this question today in our Sunday School class and we are to look
> information for next week.  I was also instructed to write a two page
> on my findings.  Pastor wasent serious but I will try anyway.

Luke 13:33 is an exaggerated statement by Jesus - not every prophet died in
Jerusalem (cf. Moses, Daniel, Jeremiah, etc.).  Rather, I believe He was
speaking ironically that Jerusalem, rather than accept the prophets God had
sent her, regularly rejected them and killed them (cf. Matt. 23:37, 27-33)

So, in Luke 13:33 Jesus, being the Son of God and The Prophet who had been
predicted (Deut. 18:18; Acts 3:21), determines to go to Jerusalem, for there
He would be put to death.

Joe Price

Joe R Price

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