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Scripture Reading: 2 Samuel 11:22-27

"Don't Let it Bother You!"



1.  The plot to murder Uriah was hatched to cover up sin (2 Sam 11).

2.  David’s reply to Joab after the news of Uriah’s death in battle is telling: “Do not let this bother you”, 2 Sam 11:25.

  a.  Uriah was a soldier of valor (2 Sam 23:39).

  b.  He was an honorable man, 2 Sam 11:10-11.

  c.  He was a married man, so his death affected his wife.

  d.  David’s reply smacks of disregard and failure to take responsibility for his actions in the matter; as the normal course of warfare (true, but it was under this cover that David thought his sin was hidden).

3.  The same attitude toward evil can infect our thinking today.

  a.  We are in a battle, 2 Cor 10:3-4; Eph 6:12.

  b.  We may develop attitudes that minimize the sin that is everywhere around us, becoming careless and cavalier: “don’t let it bother you”.

4.  Process of hardening heart, Matt 15:8; Heb 3:12-13; 1 Tim 4:1-2.


I.  GOSPEL PREACHERS: “Don’t let it bother you”… 2 Tim 4:2

  A.  When Brethren won’t Endure Sound Doctrine, 2 Tim 4:3-4 (2 Cor 11:4).

    1.  “Just preach the ‘smooth things’”, Isa 30:8-11.

    2.  They will love you for it! cf. Jer 20:7-10

    3.  Your preaching will save you and others; or cause you both to be lost! 1 Tim 4:16; cf. Ezek 3:16-18

  B.  When You Make Room for Error, cf. Gal 2:5.

    1.  By not defending the truth (Phil 1:17).

    2.  Otherwise, you will get a reputation of being a nit-picker, “overly-righteous” (Pharisee) and judgmental, cf. Eccl 7:16; Matt 23:23.

    3.  Anyway, it’s not a “salvation issue” (mdr, instrumental music in worship, institutionalism, etc.).

    4.  The Holy Spirit’s warning: Gal 1:6-10.


II. ELDERS: “Don’t let it bother you”… Acts 20:28; 1 Pet 5:2; Heb 13:17

  A.  When Members Fall Away.

    1.  “That’s going to happen, you know.” 1 Tim 4:1

       -Such elders are hirelings and not shepherds! 1 Pet 5:2-3; Jno 10:11-13

    2.  “Didn’t expect him/her to be faithful anyway”. cf. Lk 15:4; 2 Cor 11:28-29

  B.  When Error Creeps into the Thinking of Members.

    1.  “You can’t control what others think, so don’t worry about it”.

      a.  True, but we are to work to bring “every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ”, 2 Cor 10:5.

      b.  Meditation of my heart must be acceptable to God, Psa 19:14.

    2.  Once we accept false doctrine into our heart it will reveal itself in our words, advice, teaching and practices! Matt 16:6


III. CHRISTIAN: “Don’t let it bother you”…

  A.  When You Commit Sin.

    1.  “Everybody does it, after all”; and “Nobody’s perfect”!

    2.  Simon’s one sin showed impure heart and wicked deed, Acts 8:20-23.

    3.  Have no fellowship with sin; it is shameful; it is not your master! Eph 5:7-8, 11; Rom 6:6-7, 11

    4.  If we sin we must repent and confess it, not ignore it, 1 Jno 2:1-2.

    5.  Christian is not to practice sin, but righteousness, 1 Jno 3:4-10.

  B.  That the Sins of Others can Hurt You and the Church (1 Cor 5:7).

    1.  Evil companions corrupt good morals, 1 Cor 15:33.

    2.  Your fellowship with false teachers affects your fellowship with God, 2 Jno 10-11. (Jas 1:27)

  C.  When You Habitually Miss Worship Services, Heb 10:24-25.

    1.  “Everyone is busy and has things to do.”

    2.  “I’m here more than some people.”

    3.  Worship opportunities are given an inferior position in our lives (Matt 6:33).

  D.  When you are not Growing in the Lord, 1 Pet 3:18.

    1.  cf. Prayer, Bible reading and living, giving.

    2.  “I’m stronger than bro/sis ______ over there”. Jno 21:21

    3.  Be a better husband, wife, child, parent, neighbor, worker, etc.



1.  “Don’t let it bother you” is code for don’t feel responsible…when we are responsible!

2.  Be sober, be watchful, and do not harden you heart! 1 Pet 5:8; Heb 3:7-8