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Scripture Reading: Psalm 11

Celebrating Sin


1.  We live in a sin-soaked world (2 Pet. 3:7).

2.  Christ calls us out of the darkness and death of sin, 1 Pet. 2:9.

3.  We must now live in a world that is not our home and for a home that we have not yet seen. 2 Cor. 5:7

4.  While this world celebrates sin we must be saints - holy and separate - this is the calling of the gospel and the challenge of our faith, Eph. 4:1; 1 Pet. 2:11-12.



  A.  "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." (Could be any city)

    1.  Marketing campaign: "The key moment came in 2004 when Laura Bush appeared on the Tonight Show after a Sin City visit. Jay Leno asked if she'd seen the Chippendales male strippers. Her response, worth more than $1million in advertising; 'Jay, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.'" (USA Today, 5D, 12Nov10; cited by GodThoughtsWired, 17Nov10)

    2.  It's a lie! Num. 32:23; Heb. 4:13; Gal. 6:7

      a.  The money, innocence and reputation lost there does not stay there. Its consequences go home with the reveler.

      b.  The nature of sin: Farther, longer and costlier.

    3.  You don't have to go to Vegas to have this mindset.

  B.  "There are no rules here!" (one satisfied customer said)

    1.  "Nowadays, visitors may feel let down if they haven't done what they wouldn't do back home," proclaims the marketing director of a "sin club" where clients pay $400.00 per hour for..."sin." (Ibid)

    2.  People love to believe they have no accountability, cf. 2 Cor. 5:10.

  C.  "It feels good, so it must be right." Prov. 14:12; Jer. 17:9

    1.  Having a good conscience (feeling) does not mean we are doing what is right in God's sight, Acts 23:1.

    2.  The subtlety of sin is that it sears one's conscience while it tells him he should follow his conscience! 1 Tim. 4:1-2

    3.  Truth is not self-defined; objective and revealed, Jno. 8:31-32.

  D.  "Those Christians are extremists and hypocrites; do what you want, not what they say."

    1.  Even if every Christian is an extremist and hypocrite it would not change the word of God - that is what we must follow! Rom. 1:16; Col. 3:17

    2.  All Christians are not extremists and are not hypocrites: Light and salt, Matt. 5:13-16.

  E.  "Christians (those who say there is absolute truth) must be opposed." Jno. 16:1-4

    1.  You will be hated for following Jesus, Jno. 15:18-21.

    2.  Illustration:

      a.  Footloose movie that depicts moral standards as out of touch, backward, restrictive and oppressive.

      b.  Rebellion is heroic; compromise and acquiesce of conviction is demanded in order to be acceptable.

    3.  Today: LGBT advocates (cf. ACLU). Make no mistake, their objective is to reshape society (home: marriage and parenting; the schools; the workplace; the government, etc.) and vilify people of faith and everyone who will not bow to their sinful demands.

    4.  The Christian's assurance is Jesus, not the world, Rev. 2:8-11.



1.  When David was surrounded by enemies and the outcome appeared in doubt, he continued to trust in the Lord, Psa. 11:1.

2.  When his advisers cast doubt upon trusting God because "the foundations are destroyed", he did not waver, Psa. 11:2-7.

3.  Like David, we must not waver or doubt when the world all around us celebrates sin. The Lord will not allow wickedness to prevail. He will judge the wicked and vindicate the righteous. 2 Ths. 1:6-10