>Where do dinosaurs fit into creation?<

As a part of God's creation which became extinct at some point since then.

The issue with dinosaurs is not their existence, but the age attributed to
them.  This is done by determining the strata in which the fossil is found
and associating it with the age of that strata as determined by the geologic
column.  So, you have a circular argument for the age of dinosaurs:  The age
of the rock (determined by the geologic time column) determines the age of
the fossil found in it, and the age of the fossil is assigned to whatever
strata in which it was found!

Problems have been shown to exist in radio-carbon 14 dating.  I am no expert
in such matters, but I will refer you to a website which deals directly with
what you are facing:

Watchman Magazine:  http://www.watchmanmag.com/0204indx.htm

An entire issue was devoted earlier this year to the very things you are
asking about.  I strongly urge you to refer to the excellent material
contained on this site - It will answer many of your questions.


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