Your Bible question was:
> the question is when dealing with an evolutionist what answer can be given
> when
> confronted with the theory of prehistoric times, and that dinosuars ruled
> before
> man and man came from apes, is there a biblical answer or do we ignore it

An excellent treatment of this topic was written by Bert Thompson, Ph. D.,
entitled The Dinosaur Controversy.  Follow this link:

In that article, Mr. Thompson says:
Today, the controversy between evolutionists and creationists centers around
the matter of when the dinosaurs existed. A chasm exists between these two
groups that never will be bridged-so long as each side maintains its present

Evolutionists advocate that dinosaurs evolved from some ancient reptile 200
million years ago, and that they became extinct roughly 65-70 million years
ago. Man (in one form or another) allegedly evolved only 2-3 million years
ago, and thus was separated from the dinosaurs by approximately 65 million
years of geologic time. Creationists who accept Genesis 1-11 as an accurate,
historical record of God's creative activity oppose such claims, and instead
maintain that the dinosaurs were created by God within the six literal days
described in the biblical record. Thus, man and the dinosaurs would have
been created at essentially the same time, and would have lived together as
contemporaries on the Earth.

He goes on to discuss dinosaurs in the Bible and "where did they go?"

Bible believers do not have to ignore the subject of dinosaurs. I hope this


Joe R Price

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