Your Bible question was:
> I have been told that according to Biblical genealogy, the approximate
> age of the universe is 6000 years old.  Assuming this is accurate
> information, how do you defend it?

Since the Bible does not provide us with a verifiable date for the creation
of the world, your assumption cannot be answered with a Bible answer.  The
6000 year figure was derived by using the genealogical records found in
Genesis.  One of the troubles with that calculation is there are gaps in the
genealogies.  An accurate number simply cannot be ascertained.

> Consider the following..
> 1 light year is the distance light travels in an Earth year.  We have
> telescopes that "see" billions of light years into space.  This means
> that these stars we "see" are at least billions of years old as the
> light emitted from them has taken billions of years to arrive at Earth.

Your analysis fails to take into account the fact that when God created the
heavens and the earth He gave His creation the appearance of age.  For
example, when God created Adam he was a mature adult (Gen. 2:7).  Although
he appeared to be a man who had lived for many years, after Adam's first day
and night on the earth he was in fact only one day old!  He appeared older
than he actually was.  God created him with the appearance of age.

In like manner, the earth and the stars were created with the appearance of
age.  It is not at all hard to conceive that the God who spoke all things
into existence gave His creation the appearance of age (Psa. 33:6; 19:1).

When God set lights in the expanse of heaven (including stars) on the fourth
day of creation they immediately provided light to the earth (Gen. 1:14-18).
The earth did not have to wait billions of years to receive the first light
from far away stars.

BTW, when man discovers stars which are farther away from the earth than
they believe the earth has existed, scientists will have to rethink their
whole concepts of time and space.  (For instance, man thinks the earth has
existed for roughly 15 billion years.  What happens when they discover a
star that is 20 billion light years away?  According to their calculations,
we shouldn't be seeing that star for another 5 billion years!!)

Thank you for your Bible question.  May our eyes be open to see the power
and divinity of the living God by observing the handiwork of His creation.

Joe Price

Joe R Price

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