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>> We read from Malachi 1:2 that God loved Jacob and hated Esau.  Why is this
so?  Jacob is such a deceiver yet God preferred him than Esau.  Does this
mean that it is God's Sovereignty to choose who He wants to bless more and
who He blesses less?  Yet, we also know that God does not practice

The expression "Esau I hated" does not intend to suggest that God held some
form of malice against Esau or that He held him in contempt.  Neither does
"Jacob I loved" suggest that God loved the sins of Jacob (any more than Jno.
3:16 means that God loves the sins of the world because He loves the world).

You are on the right track when you speak of the sovereignty of God.  God
has the right to choose who He will use to accomplish His purposes here on
earth, and on one occasion He choose Jacob rather than Esau.  Romans 9:8-13
explains that God's choice was made before they were born, so it had nothing
to do with their "good or evil," but everything to do with God's sovereign
right to choose (elect) who He would use to accomplish His purposes (cf.
Rom. 9:11).

Since the choice being discussed did not involve Jacob and Esau's condition
of goodness or evil, the text is not discussing their eternal salvation,
only that God made a choice one (Jacob, along with his descendants) and not
the other (Esau and his descendants) to fulfill the divine purposes of God
(Messiah, etc.)  This answers the idea of divine favoritism:  God choice was
not regarding their salvation, but their place in accomplishing the divine
purposes of human redemption (sending Christ into the world).  All their
descendants will be saved in exactly the same way:  faith in Christ and
obedience to His gospel (Rom. 11:25-36).

I hope this helps as you study God's word.

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