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>>Is God a man or A woman?


The Bible teaches that God is not a human being. Please read Numbers 23:19; Job 9:32 and Psalms 50:21.

In his unbelief and rejection of God's truth, man has changed the incorruptible glory of God into the likeness of corruptible man - Romans 1:18-23 (esp. vss. 22-23).

The male gender is always used in scripture to speak of God - never the female gender. Since God is not human, the use of gender to refer to God is, at best, anthropomorphic (giving human traits to non-human things).

Note Genesis 1:27: God created male and female in His image (note: God is spirit, not flesh - Jno. 4:24). Thus, the nature of God or Deity is not defined by gender.

Jesus Christ is God in the flesh. That is, in Jesus, God (deity) took upon Himself humanity (John 1:1-18; Philippians 2:5-8).

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