> If Heli was Joseph's father then how could he be Mary's father as well?
> did I not catch something that might help me out here?

Clearly, Matthew 1 and Luke 3 offer different genealogies for Jesus.  Only
when they arrive at King David do these two genealogies merge (Matt. 1:6;
Lk. 3:31).

Matthew 1:1-17 is the lineage of Joseph, through whom the kingly descent as
the "Son of David" was validated (Matt. 1:1).  Luke 3:23-38 is a different
lineage - the flehsly lineage of Jesus through his mother, Mary.  It records
the physical descent of Jesus from Mary, through David's son Nathan, and
finally through Adam (Lk. 23, 31, 38).

Luke 3:23 does not say that Heli is the father of Joseph.  It says that
Jesus..."being (as was supposed) the son of Joseph, the son of Heli,......"
While it was assumed (from every outward appearance) that Jesus was the
fleshly son of Joseph, he was in fact the descendant of Heli (due to being
born of a virgin, Lk. 1:30-35).  Thus, Heli can only be the father of Mary,
Jesus's mother.  (Jacob was the father of Joseph, Matt. 1:16).

Hope this clarifies the matter for you.  Please write back if I can be of
further help.

Joe Price

Joe R Price

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