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Scripture Reading:  John 3:1-5


Will Jesus Include You?



1.  Sign at the Christ Lutheran Church (Ferndale WA): “Jesus includes you unconditionally”.

  a.  Intent seemed to be that the CLC will accept you unconditionally.

  b.  “Inclusion” is the clarion call of our age: From marriage-less families to homosexuality and same-sex marriage to polygamy – definable moral norms that establish moral parameters of            relationships and conduct are vanishing, Judges 21:25.

2.  Religiously this translates into open fellowship, ecumenism and unity in diversity.

  a.  Minimizes and negates sin (“unclean”), 2 Cor. 6:17-18.

  b.  Ignores Scriptures as the basis of authority, 2 Tim. 3:16-17.

  c.  Man’s wisdom and will rules, Jer. 10:23; 1 Cor. 1:21.

3.  There are some things in which Jesus includes us unconditionally; There are also things in which we are only included conditionally.



  A.  His Condemnation of Sin, Rom. 3:9-19, 23; 6:23.

     -God takes no pleasure in the sinner’s death, Ezek. 18:32.

  B.  His Call to Be Saved, Matt. 11:28-30.

    1.  Gospel call is to every creature, Mk. 16:15; 1 Tim. 2:3-4.

    2.  Whoever calls on the Lord’s name will be saved, Acts 2:21, 36-41; Rom. 10:8-13.

    3.  While God’s call to be saved is universal, His salvation is conditional, Acts 10:34-35; 22:16.

  C.  Future Resurrection from Dead, Jno. 5:28-29; 1 Cor. 15:21-22.

    1.  Materialists deny the immortal spirit (Acts 23:8).

    2.  Your death is not the end of your existence!

  D.  His Promised Judgment, Acts 17:30-31; Heb. 9:27.

    1.  Individual, personal, exhaustive, 2 Cor. 5:10; Rom. 14:12.

    2.  Probative, Matt. 25:34-46 (our works, Rev. 20:12).



  A.  The New Birth, Jno. 3:3-5. (Except: “If not”; if and only if)

    1.  If it is, there is universal salvation – Something Jesus denied, Matt. 7:13-14, 21; Lk. 13:23-24.

    2.  Cannot see/enter kingdom without new birth, Jno. 3:3, 5.

    3.  Be born again through the word of God, 1 Pet. 1:22-23; 3:21.

  B.  True Worship, Jno. 4:23-24.

    1.  Hearts that are far from God by following the commands of men offer vain worship, Matt. 15:7-9.

    2.  God did not accept worship from sinful Judah, Jer. 6:20.

    3.  Jesus will not accept self-made worship, Col. 2:20-23.

  C.  Divorce without the Cause of Fornication, Matt. 5:32.

    1.  Divorce without cause makes you responsible for exposing your spouse to the sin of adultery.

    2.  Do not end your marriage. If this has happened, do not add sin to sin by marrying someone else! 1 Cor. 7:10-11

    3.  Jesus will not accept any cause for putting away your spouse.

  D.  His Church, Matt. 16:18; Acts 2:41, 47.

    1.  It is not joining a club.

    2.  It is not open fellowship (“open enrollment”) -- just sign up!

    3.  Saved are added to the church by the Lord. cf. 1 Cor. 12:13

    4.  Each congregation has the responsibility to determine the faithfulness of a person before receiving them, Acts 9:26-28; Rom. 16:1-2.



1.  Jesus includes everyone in the call to salvation by the gospel, Rom. 1:16.

2.  Only those who believe and obey God will be saved, Matt. 7:21-23.

3.  Choose to be saved today.



By: Joe R. Price

Posted: April 11, 2014