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Scripture Reading: Luke 19:1-10


Why Jesus Came to Earth



1.  We sing the familiar song: “Why did my Savior come to earth?”

2.  There were real reasons why Jesus came to earth, Lk. 19:10.


I.  CHRIST CAME TO FIND US: “The Son of Man has come to seek...”

  -Seek (zeteo): "of patient and hopeful expectation, as may be seen in   the parable of the unfruitful fig-tree (Lk. 13:6 ff.)." [1]  Lk. 15:4

  A.  Jesus Came to Earth to Find the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, Matt. 15:24. cf. Zacchaeus, Lk. 19:1-10 (9-10)

    1.  God searched for and found lost sheep of Israel who were in Babylon, Ezek. 34:11-16.

    2.  Foreshadowed the Good Shepherd, Ezek. 34:23-31.

    3.  Jesus came to earth to find His lost sheep. cf. Matt. 9:35-38

  B.  Jesus Came to Earth to Find the Lost Sheep not of this Fold, Jno. 10:16 (Gentiles, Matt. 15:21-28; 8:10).

  C.  Jesus Came to Earth to Find Sinners, Matt. 9:9-13.

    1.  To show compassion, Lk. 15:1-7.

    2.  To show us that God values every sinner, Lk. 15:8-10.

    3.  To show us that God is always ready with mercy, Lk. 15:11-24.

      a.  When we will have faith and know our need for mercy, Lk. 15:11-17.

      b.  Repent of our sins against God, Lk. 15:17-21.

    4.  Once He found us in sin He acted to save us, Jno. 1:11-13.

  D.  Jesus Came to Earth to Sacrifice Himself for Our Sins (world), Jno. 1:29; Heb. 10:4-10.


II. CHRIST CAME TO FORGIVE US: “...and to save...”

  -Save (sozo): Deliverance and safety (to deliver from danger and to protect from harm). cf. Ezek. 34:27

  A.  Those who Believe, Jno. 8:23-24. Heb. 11:6

  B.  Those who Confess Faith, Rom. 10:9-10.

  C.  Those who Repent, Lk. 13:1-5. Acts 2:38 (Matt. 9:11-13)

  D.  Those who are Baptized, Mk. 16:16.

  E.  Those who Obey Jesus, Matt. 7:21-23; Lk. 6:46. Heb. 5:8-9


III.  CHRIST CAME TO FREE US: “...that which was lost.”

  -Lost (apollumi): ruined, destroyed

  A.  From Sin’s Bondage and Death, Rom. 6:17-18, 12-14.

  B.  From the Fear of Death, Heb. 2:14-15.

  C.  From Satan’s Deception, 1 Pet. 5:8-10.



1.  Christ came into the world to save sinners, 1 Tim. 1:15.

2.  That is why we call His name “Jesus” ("Jehovah is salvation"; "Savior"), Matt. 1:21.

3.  Remember: Zacchaeus "sought to see Jesus" (Lk. 19:3) - Seek God, and you will find Him! (Acts 17:27)



-(Basic Outline by Mark Posey)


[1] Kittel, G., Bromiley, G. W., & Friedrich, G. (Eds.). (1964–). Theological dictionary of the New Testament. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans.



By: Joe R. Price

Posted: July 3, 2014