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>>My question is about a disabled christian thats unable to attend services.

Would it be scriptural to go to her house to serve her the lords supper?

If so in what manner would it be acceptable?

If not what would be the best way to handle this?

Where (if any) is the scriptures to show the authority for it or not? <<


The NT teaches that the Lord's Supper is provided and partaken off in the assembly of the saints (1 Cor. 11:20: "when you come together"). Consistently, every NT reference to the L.S. is found in the assembly (Acts 2:42; 20:7; 1 Cor. 11:17-34). Therefore, I conclude that it is not necessary to "take the supper" to someone who is unable to attend worship services. Let me elaborate.

The Lord's Supper is not a "sacrament" through which some special grace is received. This is a Catholic concept which is not taught in the NT. It carries no more significance or meaning in our worship than every other act of worship (prayer, singing, giving, teaching the word).

If one cannot attend services we understand there is no need to arrange a singing service for that person in their home (or a prayer service, or a giving service, or a preaching service). The same is true of the Lord's supper. One who does not have the ability to assemble is not held responsible by the Lord in spite of their inability (cf. 2 Cor. 8:12).

What is acceptable is that we remain in contact with the person to encourage, comfort and strengthen her. Visit her and pray, read scripture, and thus be a blessing to her. Perhaps she will improve to the point that she can attend worship. If not, I am confident from the scriptures that the Lord will not condemn her for her disability which prevents her participation.

My advise is to help her see that while she no doubt misses worshipping with the saints, if the Lord's supper is to be privately provided, then why couldn't we all privately provide it and eliminate coming to our assembled worship?!

No, you see the Lord has arranged that certain parts of our worship to Him be offered in our assembled worship, and one such act of worship is the Lord's Supper.

I have this is of some help. I pray the sister in question will be strengthened in faith and in the flesh, and that her eyes will be firmly set upon heaven where every disability will be forever removed.

Sincerely in Christ,

Joe Price

Joe R Price

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