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Scripture Reading: 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8


Put Lust to Death



1.  As we think, so we are, Prov. 23:7.

2.  The gospel has the power to bring every thought into submission in order to obey Christ, 2 Cor. 10:3-5.

3.  This is vital, because at times we must battle intense desires that entice us to sin against God, cf. Jas. 1:14; Rom. 6:12.



  -epithumia: Morally neutral word, of any strong desire, longing, craving. Context of usage explains the nature of the desire, Lk. 16:21; 1 Cor. 10:6.

  A.  Intensely Pure Desire.

    1.  Christís desire to eat the Passover with apostles, Lk. 22:15.

      (With a longing I have set my heart on eating this Passover...)

    2.  Paulís desire to be with Christ, Phil. 1:23.

    3.  Paulís longing to see the brethren, 1 Ths. 2:17.

  B.  Sinful Desires of the Flesh and of the Mind, Eph. 2:3; Matt. 5:28.

    -Sensual and sexual, but not always limited to these; power, money, prestige...

    1.  Deceitful lusts, Eph. 4:22 (19).

    2.  Worldly, Tit. 2:12; 1 Jno. 2:16-17.

    3.  Corrupting, 2 Pet. 1:4.

    4.  Fleshly lusts attack the soul, 1 Pet. 2:11.

  C.  Lust must be Put to Death, Col. 3:5.

    1.  Heart that was once set on (longing after) the flesh must be put to death. cf. Rom. 1:24

    2.  Heart is now given to preserving the body pure, 1 Ths. 4:3-5.


II. HOW TO PUT LUST TO DEATH (Col. 3:5; Gal. 5:24).

  A.  Walk in the Spirit, Gal. 5:16-26.

     -Deliberate decision of reason and will to follow the Spiritís teaching. Walk (16), led (18), bear fruit (22-23), live in (25).

  B.  Set Your Mind on the Things of the Spirit), Rom. 8:5-9.

     -Subject yourself to the law of God (7); cf. Col. 3:1-2

  C.  Put Godís Word in Your Heart as Your Absolute Standard, Psa. 119:9-11.

    1.  Seek God with your whole heart Ė Let His word define you.

    2.  Your desire for God must be stronger than the desires of the flesh and mind.

    3.  Purify your heart, Jas. 4:8.

  D.  Flee / Abstain from Lusts, 2 Tim. 2:22; 1 Pet. 2:11.

    1.  Take concrete steps to avoid and resist sinful desires.

    2.  Avoid (youthful) arrogance toward lust: Temptation not to assess the full danger of a situation from inexperience, a lack of knowledge and a lack of wisdom.

    3.  Take the way of escape, 1 Cor. 10:12-13.

  E.  Replace Lust for Sin with Pure Thinking and Godly ConductPhil. 4:8-9; 1 Pet. 2:11-12.

    1.  While removing lust from our hearts we must replace it with devotion to God and a life of good works and godly influence.

    2.  Bring every thought into captivity to obey Christ, 2 Cor. 10:5.



1.  The battle against lust can be won through faith, 1 Jno. 5:4.

2.  Desire the good things of God and flee every enticement of sinful lusts.



By: Joe R. Price

Posted: February 6, 2014