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Scripture Reading:  Romans 6:17-23

Wanted: A Righteous Person


1.  Righteous (dikaios):  “in a wide sense, upright, righteous, virtuous, keeping the commands of God” … innocent, faultless, guiltless…used of him whose way of thinking, feeling, and acting is wholly conformed to the will of God, and who therefore needs no rectification in the heart or life…approved of or acceptable of God” (OBGL).

2.  None are righteous in the sense of absolute, sinless perfection, Rom. 3:10 (all have sinned, Psa. 14:1-3; Rom. 3:23).

  -Yet, the Bible speaks of righteous people (Psa. 14:5): Abel, Heb. 11:4; Joseph, Matt. 1:19; Zacharias & Elizabeth, Lk. 1:6 (“walking in all the commandments…”); Simeon, 2:25; John, Mk. 6:20How can this be?

3.  God is the Justifier of those who have faith in Jesus, Rom. 3:26.

  a.  Faith is accounted for righteousness, Rom. 4:5-8.

  b.  Christians are bondservants of righteousness, Rom. 6:13, 17-22.

4.  Righteous are scarcely saved (1 Pet. 4:18, “with difficulty”).

5.  Practice righteousness to be righteous, 1 Jno. 2:29; 3:7.



  A.  To Pray, Jas. 5:16.

    1.  Relies on God, not himself (Phil. 4:13, 19).

    2.  Are you practicing prayer?

  B.  To Lead, Prov. 29:2, 4; cf. 1 Tim. 2:1-2.

    1.  Upright, just leaders in government, in the church, in the home.

    2.  cf. Israel’s kings (righteous & wicked).

  C.  In Times of Trial, Prov. 24:16 (10).

    1.  He/she will fight & will not quit, Eph. 6:10-13; Gal. 6:9.

    2.  Hears God’s warnings & takes precautions, Ezek. 3:21.

  D.  To Live with Integrity, Prov. 11:3; 20:7. (Innocence)

    1.  He is not forsaken & his children are blessed, Psa. 37:25-26.

    2.  Are you ready to be judged by your integrity? Psa. 7:8

  E.  To Worship Uprightly, Prov. 29:6.

    1.  God wants holy hands lifted up to him, 1 Tim. 2:8.

    2.  He knows our heart & conduct in worship, cf. Mal. 1:12-14.

  F.  To Help those in Need, Prov. 29:7.

    1.  Sowing to the Spirit without weariness, Gal. 6:8-10.

    2.  To do so is to serve Christ, Matt. 25:34-40.

  G.  To Oppose Sinners & their Sin, Prov. 29:27; 28:1; Eph. 5:8-12.

  H.  To Judge Righteously, Jno. 7:24.

    1.  To choose between moral good and evil (cf. Messiah, Isa. 7:15).

    2.  We must use the standard of truth to judge righteous judgment, cf. Titus 2:11-12.



1.  If we hunger & thirst for righteousness, we will be filled, Matt. 5:6.

2.  We must seek the righteousness of God first, Matt. 6:33.

3.  Only the person who practices righteousness is righteous, 1 Jno. 3:7.

4.  If you do not practice righteousness then you are not of God, 1 Jno. 3:10.

5.  Begin practicing righteous (be a servant of righteousness) by obeying the gospel from the heart, Rom. 6:17-18. Then, live righteously.