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Scripture Reading:  Matthew 7:7-12

Seek and You Will Find



1.   What are you looking for in your life? Prov 16:1 – Wealth (Prov 23:5)? Comfort (Lk 12:19-20)? Pleasure? (Eccl 2:1-2) Good job (Eccl 5:18)? Spouse (Prov 18:22)? Contentment (1 Tim 6:6-9)? Knowledge (2 Pet 3:18)? Salvation? (Acts 16:30)

  -Are you seeking the right things?

2.  Jesus assures us that we will find if we properly seek, Matt 7:7-8.

  -We are the seekers – God is the Giver, Jas 1:17 (Acts 14:17).

3.  We will not “find” if we seek:

  a.  Selfishly (Jas 4:1-4).

  b.  Double-minded (Jas 1:6-8).

4.  Seek (zeteo): “To seek in order to find…aim at, strive after” (Thayer).

  a.  Requires a decision: Josh 24:15.

  b.  Requires committed effort: Lk 9:62.

  c.  Requires a goal: Col 3:1.


I.  SEEK GOD, Acts 17:27; Rom 1:20 (Psa 19:1-6).

  A.  God has made Himself Accessible to You.

    1.  Do you want to find God? Isa 55:6-7

    2.  What is there in your life that prevents you from seeking Him with your whole heart?

  B.  Even after Your Heart has been Far from Him, Lk 15:17-24; cf. Deut 4:23-29.

  C.  Must Seek Him with your Whole Heart, Jer 29:10-14 (Matt 22:37).



  A.  Willing Submission to God’s Rule in Your Life, Psa 110:1-3.

     -Complete surrender of yourself to love God, cf. Mk 12:32-34.

    1.  God’s truth, not your wisdom, 1 Cor 1:18-25.

    2.  God’s character, not your pride, 1 Jno 2:16.

    3.  God’s purposes, not your proposals, Gal 1:6-9 (Eph 3:10-11).

  B.  Enter the Kingdom through Obedient Faith, cf. Col 1:13-14.

    1.  Sermon on Mount described kingdom citizen, cf. Phil 3:20.

    2.  The church of Christ (redeemed), cf. Heb 12:22-23.



  A.  Salvation by Faith, Rom 1:16-17; 3:19-25; 5:1.

  B.  Surrender Every False Attempt to be Righteous:

    1.  Works, in effort to merit salvation, Rom 4:1-6 (Gal 2:21).

    2.  Salvation by faith only, Jas 2:24.

    3.  Once saved, always saved, Gal 5:4.

  C.  The New Man of Righteousness and Holiness, Eph 4:23-24 (Psa 19:14).



  A.  Wisdom, Prov 8:17 (4:4-5).

      -If we seek wisdom…God will give wisdom, Prov 2:1-8; Jas 1:5-8.

  B.  Humility, Zeph 2:1-3.

    -Only humility will obtain mercy in the midst of judgment, Acts 17:30-31.

  C.  Peace, 1 Pet 3:11.

    1.  The Lord is peace, Judg 6:23-24 (Eph 2:14, 17, Prince of Peace).

    2.  Peace with one another, cf. Matt 5:22-24; Rom 12:17-18.

      a.  Forego avenging yourself – seek salvation, cf. Rom 10:1-2.

      b.  Give place to God’s justice – He can do it so much better than we can!



1.  Seeking implies active participation in finding; the Lord expects us to be active in finding (receiving) His blessings in our lives!

2.  In the throes of sin and judgment, Israel was told it was “time to seek the Lord”, Hosea 10:12.

3.  Obey the gospel and “save yourself” now! Find salvation, mercy, peace and joy in Jesus Christ, Acts 2:38-40.