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Scripture Reading:  1 Peter 1:22-2:3


Spiritual Growth



1.  NT accurately describes man’s spiritual condition:

  a.  All have sinned (Rom. 3:23); Sin brings death (Rom. 6:23).

  b.  Only hope for reconciliation to God is blood of Christ – 1 Pet. 1:18-19 (Col. 1:19-20).

  c.  Until then, we remain dead in our sin – Eph. 2:1-3; Col. 1:21-22.

2.  The person who thinks he can draw closer to God while living in sin deceives himself – Eph. 4:17-19, 22.

3.  Reconciled must “continue in the faith…” – Spiritual growth – Col. 1:23; Eph. 4:11-16 (2 Pet. 3:18).

4.  We all need spiritual growth to be active & strong in Christ.



  A.  The Sinner is Born Again 1 Pet. 1:22-23.

    1.  Purification of soul by obeying truth.

    2.  Plan of salvation (Acts 16:30-31; Mk. 16:16; Rom. 10:9-10; Acts 2:38).

  B.  With Rebirth we are New Creatures in Christ & Begin to Grow Spiritually – 2 Cor. 5:17; 1 Pet. 2:1-2.

    1.  Like the flesh, the spirit grows when nourished.

    2.  Feed the soul the word of God in order to grow (1 Pet. 2:2).



  A.  Faith is the Foundation for our Spiritual Growth – 2 Pet. 1:3-5 (1 Pet. 1:5).

    1.  Faith in God’s grace to save, sustain & supply us – 2 Pet. 1:3-4.

    2.  Faith to be active in our own spiritual growth – 1:5.

    3.  No one can force you to grow – it is your personal responsibility!

  B.  Growth Requires Personal Diligence2 Pet. 1:5, 10 (5-7); 1 Pet. 1:13

    1.  Growth comes with struggle, dedication & sacrifice (Lk. 9:23).

    2.  Giving all diligence (1:5):  Haste, earnest care to achieve.

      a.  Virtue:  Moral courage (determination to do what is right at all costs).

      b.  Knowledge:  True knowledge of God & His will we learn from His word & incorporate into our lives.

      c.  Self-control:  Temperance, self-discipline; self-sacrifice…bringing our will into submission to God’s will.

      d.  Patience:  Endurance, staying power, sticking with it.

      e.  Godliness:  Active reverence toward God; life of reverential obedience to God in all things.

      f.  Brotherly kindness:  Genuine, warm concern, courtesy, consideration shared in a family…family of God.

      g.  Love:  Actively seek welfare & good of others rather than being wholly absorbed with self.

  C.  Spiritual Growth Requires Resisting the Sinful Desires of the Flesh1 Pet. 1:14-16; 2:11.

    1.  Learn to live as “obedient children” in all holiness.

    2.  Christians partake in the holiness of God (Heb. 12:10).

    3.  God’s people must not partake in things like fornication, profanity & pornography, gambling, alcohol, dishonesty, malice, spousal abuse, immodest dress, dancing, etc. (Gal. 5:19-21).

    4.  By spiritual growth we discern good & evil – Heb. 5:14.

  D.  Spiritual Growth Requires Resisting False Doctrine (Eph. 4:14).

    1.  When converted one escapes “those who live in error” – 2 Pet. 2:18.

    2.  False teachers enslave again – all the while promising liberty – 2 Pet. 2:19.

    3.  God warns us against false teachers who bring in destructive heresies – 2 Pet. 2:1-3.

    4.  Such errors include…

      a.  Evolution & modernism (denial of Bible account of creation & other Bible miracles).

      b.  Moral relativism (deny moral absolute of Scripture).

      c.  Lifestyle choices:  Feminism, homosexuality, unscriptural divorce & remarriage.

      d.  Religious errors that falsely worship/serve God (denom., etc.)

    5.  Spiritual growth means holding fast to truth – 2 Tim. 1:13; 2:15.



  A.  A Heavenly Inheritance is Reserved – 1 Pet. 1:4-9.

    1.  Incorruptible:  “not liable to corruption or decay, imperishable.”

    2.  Undefiled:  “unsoiled…free from that by which the nature of a thing is deformed and debased, or its force and vigour impaired”; No contamination (Rev. 21:4, 8).

    3.  Does not fade away:  “perennial”; unending, does not diminish.

    4.  Reserved in heaven for you:  “Kept, guarded, preserved.”



1.  Your spiritual growth is up to you – Heb. 5:12.

2.  Diligently obey God with full assurance of hope, faith & patience – Heb. 6:9-12.

3.  Be strong in the Lord! – Eph. 6:10



 -(Adapted from Spiritual Growth, Ron Halbrook, The Hebron Herald, August 2000)