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Scripture Reading: Isaiah 43:8-13

Who is God?



1.  Many people do not have a basic Bible understanding about God - Who He is, what He has done, what He is doing, and what He will do. We cannot assume the lost know who God is, Exod. 5:1-2.

2.  To reach the lost with the gospel of Christ we must help them believe in the true God (Heb. 11:6; Acts 14:15-17; 17:22-23).

  a.  We must teach people about God before they can properly believe and obey God (Rom. 10:17).

  b.  It does our faith good to review what the Bible teaches about God. We serve a great, almighty God!


I.  GOD IS CREATOR OF ALL, Rom. 11:33-36 (Acts 14:15; 17:24).


II.  THE GODHEAD (GODHOOD), Acts 17:29; Rom. 1:20; Col. 2:9.

  A.  Composed of Three Who are Fully God (Deity), Gen. 1:1, 26.

    1.  Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Matt. 28:19; Eph. 4:4-6.

    2.  Each described as “God,” John 20:17; 20:28; Acts 5:3-4.

  B.  One God.

    1.  Only one; No other God (deity), Deut. 32:39; Isa. 44:6.

    2.  God is One, Deut. 6:4. United, together (echad); God is a united one (“together”), John 10:30 (explains Godhead).



  A.  God is Spirit, John 4:24.

    1.  Spirit does not have flesh and bones like humans, Luke 24:39 (Acts 17:29; Deut. 4:15-19). 

    2.  God became flesh when Jesus was born, John 1:1-3, 14-18.

  B.  God is Eternal, Psalm 90:2.

    1.  YHWH (Jehovah): “I Am,” Self-exists, having neither beginning nor end, Exod. 3:13-15.

    2.  Jehovah / Jesus, Isa. 44:6 (Rev. 1:17); Joel 2:32; Acts 2:21.

    3.  Fully honor Jesus as God, John 5:23.

  C.  God is Unchangeable, Mal. 3:6.

-God’s character and His nature is unalterable, Num. 23:19; Heb. 13:8.



  A.  God is All-Powerful (omnipotent), Job 42:2; Matt. 19:26; Rev. 4:8. Testified by His creation, Rom. 1:20; Rev. 4:8, 11.

  B.  God is All-Knowing (omniscient), Psalm 139:1-4 (1 Sam. 2:3; 1 Chron. 28:9; Isa. 46:10; Heb. 4:13). Knows all we think and do.

  C.  God is All-Present (omnipresent), Psalm 139:7-12; Jer. 23:23-24.

    1.  No one escapes His presence.

    2.  Always available to help in trouble (Ps. 46:1; 2 Chron. 16:9).



  A.  God is Infinitely Just, Psalm 89:14.

 -All of God’s judgments are perfect and true and revealed in His word, the Holy Scriptures (Rom. 11:22; 2 Tim. 3:15-17).

  B.  God is Infinitely Holy, Isa. 6:3; Rev. 4:8.

      -God is completely pure of sin (cf. Jesus, Heb. 4:15).

  C.  God is Infinitely Good, Psalm 145:9; Matt. 19:17 (Rom. 8:28).

 -God acts for the greatest good of His creation and His people.



1.   Man did not create God; He formed us (cf. Israel, Isa. 44:21-22).

2.   We are the Israel of God today (Gal. 6:16).

3.   Proclaim the true and living God to a world engulfed in false gods (idolatry) and sin.



By: Joe R. Price

Posted August 16, 2022