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Scripture Reading: Revelation 4:8-11

Do Not Let Worship Become Commonplace



1.  God seeks and only accepts true worship, Jno. 4:23-24.

  a.  We must offer Him the worship He commands.

  b.  We must offer Him worship from hearts of faith.

2.  Devil distorts worship in both these ways:

  a.  By corrupting how people worship (additions, deletions), Mal. 1:6-11; cf. Lev. 10:1-2.

  b.  By corrupting the heart that brings worship to God, Mal. 1:12-14; cf. Isa. 29:13-14; Matt. 15:7-9.

3.  Worship must never become commonplace (ordinary, mindless routine); Recognizing the holiness of God, Lev. 10:3.

4.  How we can avoid worship becoming commonplace.



  A.  Holy Day to the Lord, Neh. 8:1-2, 9. (first day of 7th mo.)

    1.  Feast of Trumpets, Lev. 23:23-25. Summoned by God to remember, to cease work, and make an offering to God.

    2.  Worship is a holy gathering: Set apart for special activity, Heb. 10:24-25; Acts 20:7.

    3.  Turning assembly into common and casual gathering invites corruption (vain) of worship. (Conduct, dress, etc.)

  B.  United Purpose, Neh. 8:1.

    1.  Gladness of heart to worship God, Psa. 122:1.

    2.  United in common faith, focus, and favor, cf. 1 Cor. 11:17-18.

    3.  Division pollutes worship, Matt. 5:23-24.

  C.  Attentiveness, Neh. 8:3-4.

    1.  Quiet so they could hear Godís word and understand it (cf. Mary, Lk. 10:39).

    2.  Without confusion and distractions, 1 Cor. 14:33, 40.

  D.  Reverence, Neh. 8:5. (They showed respect for Godís word.)

    1.  David worshiped in fear of God, Psa. 5:7; 89:7; Heb. 2:11-12.

    2.  Many worship like God is a buddy; casually, social gathering.

  E.  Participated with Humility, Neh. 8:6.

    1.  Empty before God; humble deference to God.

    2.  cf. Our prayers and singing, cf. 1 Cor. 14:15-16.

  F.  Spiritual Goals, Neh. 8:7-9.

    1.  To teach and learn Godís word with understanding (2).

    2.  They left with joy, understanding Godís will, Neh. 8:12.

    3.  Not a show, not a self-validation session, not about us Ė worship is about God, Jno. 4:23; cf. Jas. 2:1-4.

    4.  Goals of our worship: Honor and praise God in spirit and truth.

      a.  Pray: Petition, thank, and adore God.

      b.  Sing: Teach and admonish one another, praising God.

      c.  Lordís Supper: Remember Christís death for our sins.

      d.  Give: Give thankfully of our possessions.

      e.  Preach word: Teach and learn for conviction, dedicationÖ

  G.  Reactions to Worship.

    1.  Conviction (9), correction (14-17), joy (12, 17), and continuance (18).

    2.  Tears of penitence turned to joy of renewal, cf. 2 Cor. 7:9-11.

    3.  Accept the strengthening, correcting, and purifying effects of worship by applying Godís word to our lives. (Jas. 1:21-22)



1.  Worship becomes commonplace (corrupted) when hearts degrade the holiness of God and worshipers.

2.  Worship becomes commonplace (corrupted) when truth is cast aside for humanly-devised acts of worship.

3.  As we regularly assemble to worship let it not be defiled by attitudes and actions that say it is commonplace to us.



By: Joe R. Price

Posted December 3, 2020